Ogun Job Portal Applicants Urged On Transparency

Youths applying for jobs through the Ogun State Job Portal have been advised to be truthful with the information they post on the portal, as they risk losing opportunities by the inability to provide truthful information.

          The Special Adviser to the Ogun State Governor on Youth Empowerment and Job Creation, Mr. Olalekan Olude stated this in an interview with journalists, noting that it was a bad idea to provide false information while filling information on the portal.

          Olude also noted that the job portal was a one stop shop for empowerment for the State, adding that people could also register for empowerment programmes like Anchor Borrowers Programme (ABP) and Okowo Dapo, through the job portal.

          “Empowerment programmes will also go on the portal and only Ogun State indigenes will be able to tap from it. There will be accreditation and confirmation of their status before they get the empowerment or job placement,” he explained.

          He hinted that the portal which was presently approaching 100,000 applicants, has about 5,000 applicants for the Anchor Borrowers Program, saying more application were still being expected for the ABP.

          Olude further disclosed that the portal presently has 100 companies with job vacancies already posted on the portal with some applicants already contacted for job interviews meeting the demand of the companies, reminding applicants that unqualified candidates would not have job placements through the portal, as they would be accredited and confirmed for job opportunities.

          “Some people are saying they are from Abeokuta and Ijebu, thinking that only people from Abeokuta and Ijebu will get the jobs. They should speak the truth, it is going to be spread across the State and at the point of empowerment or job placement, if you lie, you won’t get the job or the empowerment. If you are from Yewa, Ota or Remo, say it as it is”, he advised.