South African consulate, shops attacked in DRC

Protesters smashed the windows of the South African consulate in the Democratic Republic of the Congo‘s second-largest city and attacked South African-owned stores in reprisal for assaults on foreigners in Johannesburg.

A demonstration called by a campaign group outside the consulate in Lubumbashi, southeastern DRC, spiralled out of control and protesters shattered the building’s windows, an AFP news agency photographer reported.

They then attacked and looted a store owned by the South African retail group MRP before police intervened, injuring some rioters.

The campaign group Lucha tweeted its disapproval. “You do not condemn violence by violence! We call on the police to stop the looters, without using excessive/legal force,” it said.

Attacks broke out in and around Johannesburg this week, killing seven people while dozens of shops were destroyed, mostly foreign-owned. More than 400 people have been arrested.