Next Titan: Team Marque Fitz nets N1.5m profit

As the organisers of The Next Titan reality TV show season 6 prepare for the eviction of underperforming housemates, Team Marque Fitz has made a profit of N1.5 million from their first group task in less than 48 hours.

Assigned with the task to create a business with a captial of N50,000, the house mates were divided into two groups: male and female.

The communication manager for the project, Moturayo Idris, in a statement, said the groups were tasked to produce goods and offer services to generate profit with the proposed capital.

“Just like in every business, there is always competition. The contestants competed fiercely amongst themselves, but only the female group employed every strategy required to turn around N50, 000 to make a profit of #1.5m in less than 48 hours. Thus, they emerged winners of the show.”

After the task was completed, the Head of the female group, tagged Team Marque Fitz, Abisoye Alagbe, explained that they adopted only policies and strategies that would yield much increase.

Alagbe said, “My group adopted some crucial policies and  strategies that helped us to achieve our objective within two days.

“We selected a business that could give us a minimum profit of 1,000 naira per unit and set a financial target that we hoped would be difficult to beat, which was N2 million and above.

“We also set a sales target for each team member and to guarantee a win, we aimed high on 200 shirts per person. This increased our profit target to N2.4million.”

She added that members of the group leveraged their personal contacts and links, corporate and social circle, while focusing more on their target market.

“Rather than trying to sell to everyone, we identified a key target market and focused marketing activities toward it. We also had the benefit of collaboration, which is one key lesson from the task. As a small business, you can team up with other already existing businesses to succeed.”

A member of the winning team, Amifeoluwa Yakubu, said the group won through their brilliant and strategic approach, focus and team work.

She said, “Our victory did not come on a silver platter, but through what can be best described as a brilliant strategy, focus and team work.

The team leader for the male group, Olatunde Kuti said, “We underestimated our competitor, which resulted in our failure in the task.”