Controversial actress and film maker Etinosa Idemudia has thrown her full support behind the social media bill, which is a trending topic among Nigerians.

Reacting to a recent report that she has been disowned by her parents, the actress said such false report was why the social media bill must be passed.

“The social media bill has to be passed very fast to avoid spreading false news and misleading the public,” she said.

“As I am now a victim. It will bring about regulation. Anything left especially in the hands of Nigerians without control always causes damage to themselves and others.

This story you heard now is a clear example. Imagine dragging my mother into their thirst for traffic and saying that she is ill. No no. Nigerians need regulation. I support the social media bill 100 per cent.”

She noted that most people criticising the bill haven’t read anything about it so they don’t have a clue on how it works.

“The people who are fighting against it haven’t even read about it or studied to understand its meaning.

“No surprise because Nigerians Don’t Read.

“The country is in a mess because there is no regulation and proper management.

Hardly any sector is functional. I’m even afraid when the bill is passed; there may not be enough things put in place to sustain it. For example, the airports in Nigeria.

The problem is not building the airport, it is making sure it is constantly maintained. Regulation is very difficult in this country, I don’t know why.”

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