NZ police to recover bodies on Friday

New Zealand police have said they plan to recover bodies from White Island – where a volcanic eruption killed at least eight people – on Friday morning.

The rescue mission will go ahead despite the risk of another eruption, police said.

At least eight people are thought to be on the island following the eruption on Monday morning. All are presumed dead.

Police said they were considering a “high-speed recovery” of the bodies.

Eight others have already been confirmed dead, and 20 are in intensive care after suffering severe burns when the volcano erupted as tourists were visiting.

GeoNet, New Zealand’s geological hazard information site, said on Thursday there was a 50-60% chance of another eruption within the next 24 hours.

The site’s estimates have over the past days shown a steady increase in the risk of a new eruption.

But families of the victims were growing increasingly “desperate” for the bodies to be recovered, police said.