NSE Employees Donate To WARIF Foundation

Employees of the Nigerian Stock Exchange have donated funds to support the initiatives of the Women at Risk International Foundation

The NSE said in a statement that the donation was part of its Employee Giveback initiative.

It described the Employee Giveback initiative as one of various employee engagement initiatives instituted to encourage workers to make positive impact on their communities while providing them with hands-on experience and learning opportunities on issues that plagued the society.

WARIF, a non-profit organisation, was founded in 2016 in response to the high incidence of sexual assault, rape and human trafficking occurring among young girls and women across Nigeria.

The Head, Corporate Communications, NSE, Mr Olumide Orojimi, while presenting the donation to WARIF, said giving back by volunteering time, donating money and other essentials was at the core of the culture at the NSE.

He said he believed that promoting gender equality and diversity is a critical success factor for global economic prosperity.

Orojimi said, “At the Exchange, we champion an organisational culture that promotes diversity and inclusion as well as the well-being and development of all employees through the implementation of gender friendly policies.

“Prior to this donation, the NSE employees participated in the WARIF ‘No tolerance for rape walk’ in December 2019, in commemoration of the United Nations ‘16 Days of Activism’ for gender-based violence.

“The donation to WARIF builds on the longstanding tradition of donating money, food items and volunteering time by the NSE employees in their bid to make positive impact on the society.”

He added that over the years, the NSE employees had raised funds for worthy causes such as medical bills for children in SOS villages and other charitable work for children in motherless babies’ homes.

According to him, the Exchange will continue to build a thriving capital market by championing sustainability along four key impact areas of marketplace ― environmental, social and governance imperatives; the community; workplace; and the environment.

WARIF was also recently awarded a grant by the European Union and United Nations under the ‘Spotlight Initiative’ to reduce the prevalence of gender-based violence in tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

It said the project aimed to increase the awareness of sexual and gender-based violence and reduce its prevalence by promoting the adoption of polices and strategies, or assisting in the strengthening of policies where they already existed.