Mama Rainbow Launches Youtube Channel

Nollywood veteran Idowu Philips, aka Mama Rainbow is not ready to be left behind in the digital world.

With the trend of entertainers launching YouTube channels for different reasons to boost their career, the actress and Airtel ambassador has also launched hers.  On her Instagram handle, she stated the reason why she launched the channel.

“What inspired the YouTube channel? As a mother and an actor, I appreciate the love showed to me by my fans and every one that love mama rainbow and in this regard that I have this burning desire for love to appreciate my fans.

“And that is what inspired Mama Rainbow TV. Like I said love is the key, love is the way and the future. I use this platform to reach out and communicate with my fans, hear their view, comment and to know what they expect from me and hear their own story, motive and inspire them that they can also achieve their dreams, the YouTube channel is not the only social platform to connect with my fans, I also have the Instagram and Facebook.

“What my fans should be expecting from the YouTube channel is interesting, inspiring and entertaining contents, like my movies, videos on family value, business networking, Career talks, events happening comedy shot skit to keep you laughing, empowerment programmes  for the youths and many more.”


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