For Nollywood, producer plans big for movie projects

Olumide Balogun is one producer that doesn’t see challenges in any project he embarks on. The creative producer notes that though the pressures movie producers go through are many, he is always eager to see the positive side.

He states that he’s always seeking new ways to add excellence to his productions to contribute his quota in making Nollywood great.

He said, “The industry has several limitations for a producer from costing production, settling disputes, reaching out to target audience to profit.’’

In a chat with newsmen, Balogun, who is also a script writer, says he plunged into production after his university education at the University of Lagos where he earned a degree in Mass Communication.

Balogun, who produced Reunion, states, “Movie producers go through pressures while producing movies. The pressures include finding a suitable location and set that will pass the message across well as big set draws attention. A producer oversees all aspects of production especially one that he has financial stakes in. In the sense of putting in the money and hope to reap when the profits come through. When you oversee your own production, you ensure the right logistics in place because the type of story determines everything: the props, the costume, the crew and the actors.

“The level of control is almost only exclusive to a producer. The rewards of being a producer far outweigh the challenges along the way.

Balogun has also produced Road to their Clanships, The Great TitansBeautiful Circle, and Artistic Delight,  among others.

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