There’s no love, unity among fuji musicians –Obesere

Fuji singer, Abass Akande, aka Obesere, has been trending on social media for some days because of his song, Egungun Be Careful, which was released many years ago. In an interview with Sunday Scoop, the singer said that he would use the buzz he has been getting recently to his advantage.

He said, “Firstly, I thank God. Being able to be relevant over a long period is what professionalism is about. There is something we call ‘playback’ in the music industry— that is a song that has a long lifespan and is still relevant years after its release. Any song that doesn’t have ‘playback’ is not good. In my song, Overthrow, I sang that I, Omo rapala, had taken over. That record is still being played and other albums such as Mr Teacher, OBTK, Asakasa are still relevant. Many of my albums are like that. It’s just that Egungun Be Careful is the most trending at the moment. It is God that made it so and He told me that He would promote me from generation to generation. It is a big plus for me and I appreciate everybody associating themselves with me

“I would soon release a remix of that song (Egungun Be Careful). You know it was the restriction of motorbikes and tricycles by the Lagos State government that led to its resurgence of the song. The song was basically used to tell motorcyclists to be careful on the expressway.”

Obesere also stated that he had settled for Zlatan and Skibbii to collaborate with on the new songs. He added, “The entertainment industry in the days of yore is different from the one of today. There is no love and unity among us and some people don’t want the progress of others. Giving chances to up-and-coming artistes should be encouraged because we do not know who could help one in one’s career. I am ready to sing with up-and-coming artistes because I know that we can benefit from one another. Even if I have to make the remix of Egungun Be Careful more than 20 times, there is nothing wrong with that because people are enjoying it.”

On why fuji artistes rarely collaborate with one another, Akande said, “It is because there’s is no love and unity amongst us. As for me, I love everyone. I also appreciate people and try as much as possible to relate with a few.”

Obesere also said that contrary to what many think that he also decided to get a chieftaincy title after K1 de Ultimate was made the Maiyegun of Yorubaland, his came first. He added, “I was the first person to get the title of Agba Akin before K1 became the ‘Mayegun. And I didn’t beg for it. I was sent a letter by the Olubadan of Ibadanland stating that they wanted to give me a title, they officially wrote to me. I have the letter as evidence, and I only feel appreciated being honoured in my state and I cannot reject it. Then, they later said I couldn’t be given the title anymore and many people were already aware of it. I have been offered chieftaincy titles. I do not try to copy anyone. I am always myself.”

The asakasa singer also stated that being the Maiyegun of Yorubaland did not make K1 the leader of fuji musicians in the country. “Having a title is different from being a leader. What he has is a title; just the same way I have the title of Agba Akin. I can say the same thing in his presence because I always stand behind what I say. I have respect for everyone and do not take anyone for granted. I am not a hypocrite nor a coward.”