Ogun Adjusts Movement restrictions With Presidential Directive

Following the broadcast of President Mohammadu Buhari this evening, concerning restriction of movement in two States – Lagos and Ogun – and the Federal Capital Territory believed to be most vulnerable to the corona virus pandemic, the Ogun State Government wishes to align with the directive concerning the restriction of movement within and outside its borders.
Consequently, as against the  earlier announced border closure with neighbouring states and Benin  Republic from midnight of Sunday, 29th of March, 2020, the order has been  extended to all forms of movement within and outside the State.
This will take effect from 11pm on Monday  30th of March, 2020 as announced by the President in his broadcast.
Consequently, movement is restricted  within and across our borders with neighbouring states and the international border with the Republic of Benin, effective from 11pm on Monday.
The only exceptions to this restriction are as announced by the President.
The general public is, once again, enjoined to comply with this directive in the overall interest of all