Imbibe The Culture of Wearing Face Mask – Ogun Citizen Told

          Citizens of Ogun State have been encouraged to imbibe the culture of wearing face masks, as it has been proven all around the world that the incidents of transmission would be lowered in the community, where people uses face masks.

          The State Deputy Governor, Engr. Noimot Salako-Oyedele, stated this while commissioning a coronavirus sample collection station, initiated by the Flying Doctors Health Care Investment Group in Ijamido town hall, Ota, saying ‘’it has also been observed that the disease is mainly transmitted by touching contaminated surface with our hands and still use the same hands to touch eyes, nose or mouth’’.

          ’’The government will be providing a million face masks which will be distributed to areas that we considered to be high risk and all the areas will be identified in the next few days. But in our respective communities and as individual, we should try as much possible to make face masks with local fabrics.

          ‘’The masks, to a long extent would prevent us from touching our mouth, eyes and nose and this will help reduce the spread of the virus. We must also remember to wash our hands and at the same time cough into our elbow or use tissue we can dispose immediately after sneezing’’, she said

          She noted that community spread was the biggest spread of COVID-19, which has been identified in the country, saying, that was why ‘’government declared a lockdown, not to inconvenient citizens or to put people in hardship, but to reduce the spread of the virus in our communities’’.

          Earlier, founder the flying doctors health care investment group, Dr. Ola Brown, said Ota was chosen because the group was very conscious of the fact that it is a bordering community to Lagos and due to new cases found within the town, adding that, there was need to also keep an eye on the community to prevent community spread, as it has been observed in Lagos.

          While commending the State government on its efforts in managing the pandemic in the state, she called on the people of Ota and its environ for support, saying, they will be going from one ward to another on a daily basis, as well as local governments that are ‘high risk’, for samples collection.