Klint da drunk gives fans tips on how to avoid fraudsters online

Comedian Klint da drunk has given tips on how to avoid online fraudsters in a recent interview on Instagram.

The comedian revealed to his fans how they can secure their banking applications and details so as not to fall victim to bank fraudsters.

He said “About this scamming thing, there is a new thing they do now that is terrible, trust me. I’m going to paste something now, I copied it from my text, it came in as a text message, it can come in as your WhatsApp or anything.

It says from G money, ‘Dear customer you are qualified for an N100,000 loan, no mortgage, register now and you can get N1000 cash bonus which is very simple, it sounds credible, they say click and apply http:\\Gmomey\app now the thing is if you watch it is http, its meant to be https:\\ which means it is secured but there’s no S and now that GMoney is an application, once you download it by the time you even start registering or anything they are already monitoring you, once you download it instantly they start watching you, and everything you doing on your phone they start watching it. ” said Klint da drunk.