Three men who sold illegal Premier League streams to more than 1,000 pubs, clubs and homes have been jailed.

Steven King, Paul Rolston and Daniel Malone were given a combined total of 17 years, some of the longest sentences ever for piracy crimes.

They made more than £5m from their websites.

he judge called the operation a “dishonest, dodgy business,” and said pub owners who used the streams were “profoundly dishonest”.

The three men sold the illegal streams to venues and homes in England and Wales over a period of ten years.

They were all found guilty of conspiracy to defraud after a four-week trial at Warwick Crown Court.

The judge said the fact the defendants used techniques to try to stop broadcasters investigating them meant they got longer jail sentences.

The 51-year-old Steven King, of Siddeley Avenue, Coventry, was sentenced to seven years and four months.

Paul Rolston, aged 54, of Pembroke Road, Coventry, got six years and four months.

42-year-old Daniel Malone, of Woodway Lane, Coventry, got three years and three months.

They were trading under the names Dreambox (unincorporated), Dreambox TV Limited and Digital Switchover Limited.