Pop Stunna premieres evergreen single ‘Insect’

One of the major feats all musicians strive to attain is to have at least a music that will be evergreen. It is either the song is known for a particular season or suitable for all seasons. Pop Stunna, Josh Ojomo, has just achieved this with his latest release titled ‘Insect’.

The American-based Nigerian rapper said his new single is a New Year track that kicks against all negative vibes that will not allow people to focus on whatever they set to achieve.

“It is known that many people usually draft a list of what they want to accomplish, but some cannot stay true to their list as the year kicks off because of their shift in focus.

“You need to remain focus and I can assure you that if you are not, you cannot achieve any of your goals,” he said.

He added that: “Insect can be your ex, girlfriend, side piece, stalker, boss, or anything. Insect is a piece of immortal music that will keep Pop Stunna’s fans and all listeners of the song on track while the New Year goes. ‘Insect’ is also a watchword that should be in everyone’s mind all the time,”

<<The Nation>>