Ogun Market Women Celebrate Alaba Lawson @ 70

The Iyalode of Yorubaland,  Chief (Mrs) Alaba Lawson, has again been described as an icon of outstanding leadership quality, sent by her Creator to liberate and raise many people of her generation, in various sectors of economy, particularly, in Commerce and Industry.
This was the centre point of descriptions attributed to the New entrant, into the Class of Septuagenarians, by some Market Men and Women at the celebration of their Leader, who clocks Seventy, on Earth.
While appraising Year 2020, the Iyalode said, the outgone  season was indeed very turbulent in the area of business transactions, owing to dreaded Covid-19 pandemic, charging them not to let down their guards on all important protocols against the virus, while going about their businesses.
Some of those in attendance describe the New Comer into the Class of Septuagenarians, as very outstanding and as a gift to her generation, from God.
In the area of her support towards boosting Commerce and Industry in the Gateway State, the people said, it is unquantifiable.
Cultural troupes and a Music Band, added colour, to the celebration.