Wizkid: COVID-19 lockdown impacted my music positively

When you’re home and you’re really going through everything like a normal human being, you just realise music comes from a real place,” were the words of award-winning music star Wizkid on how he managed during the 2020 lockdown occasioned by the coronavirus pandemic.

In a recent chat with Zane Lowe on Apple Music, Wizkid reminisced on how he coped with his third son, Zion, and partner, Jada Pollock during the lockdown in London.

“As human beings, I feel like we have our survival instincts, right. So when everything happens we all just automatically… You just switch into survival mode, like, “Okay, yeah, this is what we’re doing. This is what the world has come to. So we need to keep moving forward.” That I put that in mind,” the Starboy boss said.

The father of three also said the lockdown made him and everybody understands what is important in life. “And secondly, it’s like I love performing, I love the energy from people. So where you don’t get that, I feel like the crazy times were hard but as I see it made everyone understand what is important in life. And us artists you… This is the first time where everyone’s kind of slowed down and paused in like a minute. Like, “Oh no one is really touring and jumping around.” So everyone’s home. Like there’s a more human-like you’re a little bit more human.”

The former EME music star also said the reflection during his stay at home reflects in his music and he sees things clearer. “I feel like that reflects in the music. And so now it’s like, “Oh whoa, you see things a little bit clearer.” Because sometimes you make music, you get in the club, you’re touring, but that’s like… You can be stuck in a place that is not real when you’re on the road, and you’re making music like that. But when you’re home and you’re really going through everything like a normal human being it’s like… You just realize music comes from a real place. Especially when the music comes from a real place for you as an artist and for me it does. So right now it’s like, I’m making some of the purest, realist music I’ve ever made in life.”

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