Ganduje To Organise Debate For Banned Kabara, Other Islamic Scholars

Kano Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje on Sunday demanded a debate between Sheikh Abduljabar Nasir Kabara, an Islamic cleric, who was banned from preaching for alleged incitement, and other scholars challenging him.

Kabara, whose mode of Islamic teachings is considered incendiary by some scholars, came under scrutiny because of his interpretation of some prophetic sayings adjudged as controversial.

His opponents accused him of questioning the authenticity of those prophetic sayings and denouncing some companions of the prophet.

In reaction, the state government debarred him and shut down all his seminaries, backing it up with a court order.

But fierce criticisms trailed the government’s decision, which prompted Ganduje to invite Kabara.

It was gathered Kabara told Ganduje he never preached outside the Islamic books which had been written for over 400 years ago.

The cleric said those against him are the ones who have deviated from the real Islam.

He pleaded with the Governor to organise a debate between him and the scholars challenging his preaching, it was learnt.

After a meeting between Ganduje and Islamic clerics from all Muslim sects on the needs to allow for dialogue between Kabara and other scholars, the Governor accepted the debate should hold in two weeks.

Prominent scholars from all sects, Commissioner for Religious Affairs Muhammad Tahar Adam, Chief of Staff to the Governor Ali Haruna Makoda and former gubernatorial candidate Malam Saluhu Sagir Takai attended the meeting.