Importance of Speed Breaker

Speed bumps provide a speed cushion and lower the speed of vehicles. Thus contributing to the overall safety of the road. Drivers are usually aware of the fact that the roads must have speed bumps, and hence they do not take the risk to drive too fast.
Most of the road traffic crashes which occur on the highways could be traced to the presence of inappropriate speed bumps which do not comply with contemporary global standards on road markings and Signage.
To avoid this, Ogun State government is taking it upon itself to construct speed breaker on the major roads in the state capital.
the most recent one is that on Idi Aba – OGTV Road.
Residents who spoke with OGTV explained that the construction of speed breakers would go a long way in reducing the road crashes caused by over speeding of vehicle adding that a lot of lives had been lost due to speeding and reckless driving by motorists, especially by articulated vehicles drivers. While commending the State government for coming to their Aid.

Residents also pleaded with the state government to also fix the pot holes on various bad portion of the road which couldĀ result to avoidable crashes on the road.

They equally enjoined the concerned Ministry to put caution signs on those portion of speed breaker for the overall safety of the road.