TRACE Reads Riot Act On Abuse Of Walkways By Traders In The State.

It has been observed that traders of all sorts of goods and wares had in recent past turned road sides and walkways, meant for pedestrians across the state into trading lots and market yards, where all kinds of products and merchandise are offered for sale.

This unwholesome activity has not only made a mockery of government effort to ensure and guarantee the safety of all road users, particularly pedestrians, and an ugly sight to intending commercial, as well as, industrial visitors and tourists to the state, but has also become a nuisance and a harmful disposition to road users.

In view of the foregoing, traders who engage in this illegal act are enjoined to desist forthwith and remove their goods and wares from the road sides, as well as, walkways and use approved markets, stalls and shops constructed by government for sanity and order to prevail on Ogun traffic corridor.

Violators of this order would have their products and merchandise confiscated  after 48hrs of this release ( From Wednesday, 28th April, 2021 – Friday, 30th April, 2021), and the owner of same charge to court accordingly.