Stop Playing God, Moghalu Tells Politicians


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Former National Auditor of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) George Moghalu has advised political actors to stop playing God in their aspirations and scheming as 2023 general elections draw closer.

He said instead of jostling for 2023, political office holders should concentrate on delivering on the promises that earned them the positions they occupy.

He argued that only God can determine who will be alive by 2023.

Addressing newsmen in Abuja at the weekend, Moghalu who is the Managing Director of Nigeria Inland Waterways Authority (NIWA), admitted that people have to plan but advised that people should be more focused on their present assignments and leave the future for God.

“I am worried ahead of the 2023 elections because we are now playing God. Everybody is busy talking about 2023 even when we are still in 2021. Yet the unanswered question is who has discussed with God to guarantee we all will be alive to witness the poll.

“Why don’t we make the best use of the opportunity we have and do the best for the people? Why don’t we limit ourselves by emphasizing today instead of the emphasis on 2023?

“I don’t have any problem with anybody having ambition for 2023 but my appeal for those of us that have responsibility across the country is to emphasize delivering the dividend of democracy now.

“We need to have an economy that we will aspire to lead by 2023 and we need to build that political culture that will get the people to understand and appreciate our challenges, be part of what we are doing to build the democratic culture that will encourage our people so that by the time we get to 2023, these problems will be resolved.

“We must wake up to the reality that God has a role to play in this business yet we keep removing Him from the scheme of things. It is only a healthy living man who can aspire to a political position. We have seen it happen previously and it is not rocket science. We have to do our best now to justify the confidence the people placed in us.”

On the current crisis rocking the major political parties in the country, the APC chieftain blamed the development on attempts by political leaders to cut corners, and their refusal to play according to rules often give birth to the crisis in political parties

According to him, “The rules are very straight and if followed, you won’t run into any problem. But the moment you make up your mind to manipulate the process, you will certainly get the answer you deserve.

“That is why we are having challenges and hiccups left, right and center. The court cases across the states are confirmation that the process is not right. Once you provide a guideline, allow it to operate to the fullest without minding whose ox is gored. You cannot just bend the rules.”

On the controversial issue of zoning, the governorship aspirant called for dialogue by all stakeholders across the divide.

“My advice on the issue is that we must talk about it honestly and sincerely. We must put the issue on the table and discuss it. We are talking about human beings and their various interests. What is clashing now left, right and center are just interesting.

“Since we are dealing with human beings and not robots, we must discuss it while the party, as a platform, should play the leadership role now. It must create an enabling environment for discussion to take place. No matter how difficult or bad it is, we must discuss it.

“Check the history and you will understand that every war has ended on the discussion table, not on the battlefront. The question I keep asking is, why do we go to war first before coming back to the negotiation table?

“Why don’t we discuss this so that we can avoid the war? It is wrong to return to the dialogue table when destruction has taken place. We cannot afford to postpone the evil day,” he insisted.



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