Professionals float Ayinla Omowura research centre in Ogun

Some professionals under the aegis of Ayinla Omowura Legacy and Research Center on Thursday, inaugurated a research centre named after a popular late Apala musician, Ayinla Omowura, decrying the poor state of Yoruba culture and language.

The group which comprises various professionals and others inaugurated Ayinla Omowura Legacy and Research Center.

The group pledged to use Ayinla Omowura music and other means to salvage the Yoruba culture which it said was going into extinction.

Speaking at the inauguration, the Head of Mass Communication Department, Crescent University, Abeokuta, Dr Kola Adesina, and a renowned accountant, Olaniyi Olagoke, who is the Chairman of the Board of Trustees canvassed the use of Yoruba language to teach courses in schools.


Adesina lamented that the language has become ancient to the young generation who he said found it difficult to speak the language.

He said, “Our children do not speak the language anymore, and those that even try to speak it, they don’t speak it fluently.

“Even, in my school, you see children that bear Yoruba names find it difficult to speak the language.”

The BoT chairman spoke on the reasons for the research and legacy centre, stating that there is a need to revive the Yoruba language and save it from going into extinction.

Olagoke stated that the music of the late Apala singer, Ayinla Omowura, could be reinvigorated in the country to revive the dying Yoruba language, tradition and culture.

He added that the late Omowura stood as one musician who deployed all the elements of language, culture, tradition, adding that his music can be used to propagate the Yoruba race.

He said, “The late Ayinla Omowura stood and still stands out as the one musician who deployed all the elements of language, culture, tradition and name it, which are associated with Yoruba race in carrying out his chosen trade that inadvertently tallies with the centres core values.”