‘We were removed from a project for being Nigerians’

Onome Nichole, the daughter of veteran actor RMD has revealed how she and her team were yanked off a project in ‘Africa’ best country after they declared their nationality as Nigerians.

But Nichole didn’t state the supposed African country that did the act.
She made this known while responding to a tweet by another tweep, Osaretin Victor, who shared a similar experience.

Osarentin averred Nigerians across Africa are feared and probably respected but not loved.

Osaretin Victor wrote: “A friend was going to recommend me for a consulting role in Eswatini but because I am Nigerian it didn’t fly. These are issues people quietly keep in the dark but don’t talk about in the open. Nigerians are not loved across Africa. They’re feared and maybe respected but not loved.

Reacting, Nicole wrote: “We were removed from a project after kickoff in Africa’s “best” country for being Nigerian.”

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