Helen Paul reveals academic secret

NIGERIAN comedienne, Helen Paul has stated that the secret to her academic success is due to her contributions to humanity.


The entertainer, who recently announced her elevation as a professor at the Heart International Bible University, USA, said it helps when one is actively engaged in both practical and theoretical works in a university and society at large.

“Whatever you do in your field of work would help in your career growth,” she said.

Continuing the 44-year-old thespian said, “For instance, Nike Art Gallery, a beautiful woman who is one of my mentors, her talent speaks for her both home and abroad to the extent of her getting recognised in universities not just in Nigeria but globally.

“Also, I learned that Prof. Lamidi Fakeye of Michigan University, USA, got promoted by his artistic works (wood structure) at the Institute of African Studies, Obafemi Awolowo University in the 1980s. This shows that talent works as well.”

Apparently elated about her new status, Helen said, “Sincerely, I feel very humbled and pray to have the energy, tenacity, and capacity to fit into the huge tasks ahead.

“I know it comes with very huge responsibilities, expectations, discipline, endless readings, and a critical mindset to initiate ideas, analyse and evaluate positions and contribute meaningfully to both the academic community and the society at large. And the field is essential in performance appreciation, ethics, and theories with a spice of comedy and its related forms. I thank Nigerians for celebrating their own.”

Few weeks ago, a video of the thespian went viral on social media as the school’s Chancellor, Donrnett Mcintosh Ph.D, announcing her induction as the Head of the Department of Arts, music and Entertainment. Also, as one of the professors in their school.

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