‘Culture Festival’ set for August

The Culture Festival, a global event series organised by the Art of Living Foundation, will take place in Lagos from August 19 to 21, 2022.

The festival, which is themed ‘Vibrant Africa: The Rising Rhythm’, aims to build a compassionate and harmonious society by bringing people across the world together in celebration, through song, dance, meditation and dialogue.

The event, which will be held at the Eko Hotel and Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos, will also mark the 40th anniversary of the Art of Living Foundation.

Speaking on this year’s theme, the founder of the foundation, Gurudev Ravishankar, said, “Today in the world, where there is so much polarity, it is time to unite everybody. We know sports can unite. We know the economy can unite – as when it comes to business, everyone forgets their nationality and culture. Faith also unites, while the first and perhaps most important, is culture. Dance and music can also foster unity and that’s what the Culture Festival 2022 seeks to achieve.


“The festival will be like an Olympics for artists and culture. Without music and dance, life at times could feel so dry. If we all work harmoniously, we can envisage a better world for the coming generation and live like we are all one family.”

In the same vein, the Managing Director of The Happiness Center, Akshay Jain said, “Negative news spreads faster but if we start churning out the good side of stories, we would be able to change the narrative. We are set out to create a world of peace and happiness, and that is why we have come to Nigeria.”

On his part, political economist, Prof Pat Utomi, applauded the initiative while also sharing experiences of how a single act of love can spread across several hearts.

He said, “Our country is challenged heavily, from the perspective of economy, COVID-19 created unbearable conditions around the world. We realise our globalisation has brought us to become so inter-dependent to the extent that most of us depend on grains from Ukrain. We need an emotional balance to deal with several challenges that we face.”

Also, singer and songwriter, Darey Art Alade, who will be performing at the event alongside other entertainers, harped on the impact of music, dance and culture. He added, “We have tried everything— policies, strategies and military might, but have we tried the alternative— love and dialogue? There are some things that guns cannot do. It is time to dig deep and look within.”