‘Breakfast inevitable’ but never give up on love – Sola Allyson

Gospel singer, Sola Allyson has stated that ‘breakfast,’ a term used to refer to ‘heart break’ on social media is inevitable.

She maintained that no one can ever be perfect when she said ‘there are some breakfasts everyone will be served’ amid the rising number of failed relationship.

She highlighted the hurdles any partnership faces and the need for both sides to be willing to find solutions.

Allyson said love had helped some people overcome numerous obstacles, reason why people should never give up on love.

She advised if a relationship would cost one’s life, the individual should certainly exit it.

She said: “There are some breakfasts we will all chop! Gbogbo wa l’a máa jẹ breakfast! Àbí? But we got here! Friendship better. Bond deeper. Life finer! No giving up on love! It is the same for EVERY love story! Challenges. “Breakfasts”. Premium tears. Limited edition sighs. But luxury brand joy afterwards!”

“Love is real! Love is alive! I testify! Maybe because I’m a fighter soul on one side and a healer soul on the other sha. Maybe. I don’t know. However, whatever, no giving up on love for me! But, wait o, I’m not saying you must die there oooooo! Everyone with their own trajectories, and some situations are not just redeemable especially when the other person is not open to learning and growing and shifting from their comfort zone.

“One person cannot do it alone. But what I’m saying is, love is alive! True love exists, I KNOW it! But it takes work sha, káì! That inner work that is from your core…‍Is there anything in this life that doesn’t take being INTENTIONAL, regardless of how easy it looks? What is that good thing in this life that just falls on somebody’s laps? I’m still learning o, but I’ve not seen, yet.”

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