Biggie scolds Sheggz with tail of house task

Sheggz has received the stick as the Tail of House for week seven.

After handling his punishment poorly as last week’s Tail of House, Sheggz gets to keep the title for one more week.

Sheggz emerged as this week’s Tail of House for failing to serve his punishment: dressing up in clown costumes and allowing the Level Up housemates to decorate and paint his face.

Sheggz previously occupied his current title with Allysyn, who embodied her role as a clown perfectly throughout the week, resulting in getting pardoned by Biggie.

As the Tail of House this week, Sheggz was asked to drop his previous costume given a new uniform, an apron that reads: “here to serve.”

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He must always wear the apron and tends to the errands his fellow housemate give him except Doyin and Dotun.

He already started his task by massaging Bella’s feet while they were gisting in the Living Room. This could well be a normal day in the Shella ship, but it was an act of service either way.

On Day 45, Sheggz was seen in his green apron with a matching bucket hat, making breakfast in the Kitchen with Rachel and Bella waiting for food in anticipation. Bella kept him company now and again, then moved to the Table to have a conversation with Chichi.

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