Why I cast my daughter as a princess in ‘Anikulapo’ – Afolayan

Ace movie producer Kunle Afolayan has explained why he featured his daughter, Eyiyemi as a princess in his latest project, Anikulapo

Afolayan, whose daughter acts as Princess Omowunmi, said during an interview with KAPTV the role of a princess requires someone who is beautiful.

The proud father said: “If you want to portray a princess, I think there’s no giving that the person has to be beautiful. And she’s beautiful. It felt good because at least, I didn’t have to pay her; even though I was paying her directly or indirectly.”

Speaking on her role, Afolayan’s young daughter described Princess Omowunmi as beautiful yet foolish and quite gullible.

“Omowunmi is very foolish one. Because, I mean Saro never proposed love to her but she already started having ideas in her head.

“Omowunmi, she’s beautiful no doubt and she’s gullible,” Eyiyemi said.

The movie, Anikulapo is topping the Netflix weekly global chart as the most viewed non-English Netflix original movie.

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