Camilla: New monogram for Queen Consort unveiled

The new cypher of Camilla, the Queen Consort, has been unveiled by Buckingham Palace.

Designed by Prof Ewan Clayton, it combines Camilla’s initial “C” and “R” for Regina – the Latin word for queen.

It will be used by Camilla on personal letterheads, cards and gifts.

Buckingham Palace added that the new symbol will be used on the Queen Consort’s cross which she will lay at the Field of Remembrance on Thursday at Westminster Abbey.

In September, the palace revealed the new cypher to be used by King Charles III which was personally chosen by him, from a range of designs produced by the College of Arms.

King Charles’s cypher will be used by government departments and on state documents and post boxes.

But, there won’t be a sudden change on post boxes.

Almost 70,000 of the current post boxes, about 60% of the total, date from the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. But there are still boxes in use from the reign of Queen Victoria, Edward VII, George V and VI, and the original cyphers remain until boxes need to be replaced.

News of the Queen Consort’s cypher comes after Prime Minister Rishi Sunak confirmed an extra bank holiday will take place across the UK to mark the coronation of King Charles III on 8 May, 2023.

King Charles will be be crowned two days earlier and the Queen Consort will also be crowned on the same date in a similar but simpler ceremony.