Joshua has failed – Fury

WBC heavyweight champion, Tyson Fury, has given a harsh criticism of his boxing rival and countryman Anthony Joshua tagging the British-Nigerian a failure.

The duo failed to make a fight deal earlier this year and Fury believes it was Joshua who is responsible for not producing a showdown that all boxing fans were eager to see.

The rivalry between the two has always been intense but since Joshua lost his rematch and title to Oleksandr Usyk, his valuation in the division has diminished.

However, Tyson Fury’s father, John Fury believes that Joshua is still worth the shot. John believes that Joshua should go to face Joy Joyce instead of Dillian Whyte to prove his worth. This would immediately set him up against the winner of the Usyk vs Fury fight.

No surprise ‘The Gyspy King’ did not like this. He went against his father’s opinion and blamed Joshua.

The clip of Fury and his father’s argument came on Twitter. In which Fury ripped apart the former unified heavyweight champ. He said, “I think that guy is a s**thouse I’ll say it to his face. Two he has got no courage to fight me and three he’s a failure and a letdown to this country.”

Next, Fury challenged Joshua and claimed that he would never be able to redeem his image till he squares off with ‘The Gyspy King’ in the ring.

It is not confirmed yet whether Usyk will face Fury for the undisputed title or not. But things are taking shape in that direction only. In Fury’s previous fight with Derek Chisora, Usyk was present at the ringside to take a closure look at his potential opponent.

Following Fury’s win, the duo had an intense face-off. Till now, it is speculated that the fight will take place next year in the Middle East. But nothing could be said before the confirmation from the stakeholders of this clash.

Following this fight, there is a possibility that Joshua and Fury try to renegotiate the terms and make the fight happen.