Every film not meant for cinema – Folu Storms

Actress and media personality, Afoluwake Ogunkeye, aka Folu Storms, has said all films are not meant for the cinema. She added that filmmakers should look beyond the cinema to showcase and promote their movies.

In an interview with Sunday Scoop, the female lead in the ongoing drama series, ‘Crime and Justice’ said, “I am confused why many people are still hustling to get into the cinema. While I think the cinema is great and there is a certain level of prestige attached to it, it is limited in terms of funds. Its visibility is also limited, especially in Nigeria.

“How many cinemas do we have in Nigeria? How many cinemas do we even have in Lagos? It is a case of your toilet not working at home and you are wearing designer shoes outside. It is packaging. Cinema is necessary for certain types of films. I do not believe everyone should be hustling into the cinema.”

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Also, she advised filmmakers should desire to take their works to other parts of the world. She said, “Filmmakers should desire the world to see their works. That is what our musicians have done. Are our musicians just clamouring to be heard in Lagos? They want their music to be global. You want the rest of the world to be your marketplace. That is the idea. That is my approach towards filmmaking. For anything we (entertainers) are doing in entertainment, we need to be stamping our stories globally and thinking about ownership.”

Speaking on her biggest concern when joining Nollywood, she said, “I was concerned about quality in the industry. That’s the biggest concern for me. I believe that whatever one is doing in life, one needs to do it to the best quality possible. It can be simple but it should be well done.”