PDP, APC trade blame over voter manipulation claim

The Peoples Democratic Party in Lagos State on Monday accused the All Progressives Congress of engaging in voter manipulation to influence the outcome of the 2023 general elections in the state.

The party’s state Publicity Secretary and Chairman, Media and Publicity, JandorFunke 2023 Campaign, Hakeem Amode, made the accusation at a press briefing in the Ikeja area of the state.

Amode said, “We are aware of the ruling APC government officials using their position to collect voters’ information and requesting the submission of photocopies of Permanent Voter Cards as a prerequisite for work permits in transport parks and trading in the markets.

“We view these directives and actions as hoodwinking and an attempt by the ruling APC government to manipulate the 2023 election ahead.

“The Peoples Democratic Party in Lagos State is hereby calling the attention of the Independent National Electoral Commission, the Inspector General of Police, and all well-meaning Nigerians to the electoral fraud being committed before the conduct of the 2023 election by the ruling APC government in Lagos State.”

Reacting, the spokesperson for the APC, Seye Oladejo, said voters in the state were wary of the antics of the PDP whose stock in trade had been to level unsubstantiated allegations to confuse an undiscerning public.

He added, “The APC in Lagos State has been busy campaigning to all and sundry in the state. Our robust campaign has ensured that APC remains the only visible party in the state as far as awareness for the forthcoming elections is concerned.

“The PDP could approach the relevant law enforcement agencies whenever they feel their rights are being trampled upon rather than embark on fruitless media onslaught for cheap political gain.

“They are also advised to look inward and address their intractable crisis which has polarised the party beyond repair. It’s also imperative to operate within the laws of the state as regards the placement of outdoor advertisements rather than resort to arm-twisting tactics.”

Contacted, the spokesperson for the INEC in the state, Adenike Oriowo, refuted the allegation but declined to give further reaction, saying the commission’s national headquarters would react appropriately.