Machine used to power my heartbeat 36 times — Comedian

Nigerian comedian, Samson Adeleke, aka Mc Fantasy, has narrated how he survived cardiac arrest by being defibrillated 36 times to rescue him from the medical condition.

Revealing his plan to release a memoir, titled ‘Anecdotes,’ to chronicle his recovery journey after surviving the near-death experience, the comedian who is based in America, USA, said he would be releasing the memoir to celebrate his 40th birthday.

MC Fantasy said, “On October 11, 2021, I went for my annual medical check-up which was fine. But in the evening of the following day, I was going to bed when I felt a sharp pain in my left chest.

“When I woke up the next day, I still felt the pain, so I quickly told my partner to take me to the hospital. On getting there, I lost consciousness which led to cardiac arrest multiple times.

“I was defibrillated 36 times before my heart rhythm stabilised and I recovered. Thank God for the doctor that did not stop. I was then operated on twice and woke up days after the operation. It was after I woke up that they narrated the story to me and I was surprised.”

MC Fantasy said the doctor, after conducting a series of tests on him, noted that the cause of the cardiac arrest was Idiopathic, a cause that was unknown.

The comedian who started hosting events back in Nigeria before he relocated to the US in 2014 for his Master’s degree at Western Illinois University, however, explained that he was placed on some cholesterol medication after a high level of cholesterol was found in his body.

Mc Fantasy added, “The book will introspect on some of my experience and insights on how I have influenced some decisions and the person I am becoming. I also plan to release a song alongside Shefzy and Drew titled, ‘Reason’.”