Jack Harlow Delivers Top-Notch Rap on ‘Jackman’

Jack Harlow is an American rapper, artist, and musician. He was born in Louisville, Kentucky, on March 13, 1998, and grew up in the Highlands neighborhood. Harlow started rapping when he was young, and he became well-known on the Louisville local music scene before signing with Generation Now and Atlantic Records in 2018.
In 2020, Harlow released “That’s What They All Say,” his first studio album, which received massive reception globally, cresting at number five on the Billboard 200. The album received a nomination for Best Rap Album at the 63rd Grammy Awards.

Harlow’s versatile flow, witty lyricism, and laid-back demeanor are well-known. His music combines elements of hip-hop, trap, and pop, and his lyrics are mostly inspired by personal experiences. “Whats Poppin,” “Tyler Herro,” and “Way Out,” featuring Big Sean, are among his most well-known songs.

Harlow has made a name for himself as a fashion icon in addition to his music. In his music videos and other public appearances, he frequently does so in distinctive and stylish outfits. He has received praise from magazines like GQ and Vogue for his sense of style.

He recently released a 10-track album, titled Jackman. The Jackman Album is his first in the year 2023. The 10-track album features music from several collaborative effort in the aspect of production.

The first track off the new album is titled Common Ground. It was produced by Babe Truth, alongside JaySoul, Mike Wavvs and Niko. The one minute 40 seconds snippet features a perfect flow of hip hop and rhythmic sound humming along in the background. Harlow talks about how the genre Hip-Hop tends to sharpen the world. Referring to the rap language, he says “The dialect got a lil splash of some black on it”. He also talks a bit about education, saying ‘the education private

It’s all by design’. He wraps up his rap – indeed, the track, by saying ‘common grounds isn’t that common’. Common Ground is a lovely song with deep, informative lyrics.

‘They Don’t Love It’ is the second track in the Jackman Album. The sound was made by the amazing American Producer, Hollywood Cole. “They Don’t Love It” has a mix of admirable sound and witty lines which together, produces a sound that you can not just ignore. In the song, ‘They Don’t Love It’, Harlow tried to take us through his personality, and how he doesn’t want to feel too concerned about the acceptability of his (new) style, by the people. He says: “I don’t care how you feel about it, I do what I wanna / I used to look up to the people that I’m moving in front of / It’s not that crazy anymore, my city used to a come up…”

His third track on the Album, ‘Ambitious’, is a 2 minutes 53 seconds music, that talks basically about his ambition as a young, growing, upcoming music maker. He tells us how he was less interested in being an academic. He says in the lines of the track, that “I was never meant to be a college applicant…”

Harlow takes us through his life in stages, from when he was fourteen, till when he was nineteen, then finally, at age twenty-four, telling us how he keeps pushing himself to become what he’d always wanted to be. Produced by Goldy and WallisLane, “Ambitious” further solidifies Jack Harlow’s passion for the music culture; and his commitment to making the kind of music that his teeming followers would always want to relate with. This sound is particularly interesting and you’ll definitely flow with the music as you listen to the lyrics, too.

‘Is That Ight’ by Jack Harlow, makes the list as the fourth song on the album. The almost 2-minute song was produced by the collaborative effort of Hollywood Cole and Mario Luciano. Harlow, here, wants to know if the way he’s living his life is alright. He hopes to extend his kind of life, to his fans, while emphasizing that “I’m looking to change lives, I already changed mine / Our ambition just aint the same size”.

The fifth song on the album is titled ‘Gang Gang Gang’. The song was produced by Rashad Thomas. It is another 2 minutes 49 seconds song with a very subtle background tune that is memorable, with the word ‘gang’ being played around with, as the background sweeper. He sings about two of his friends, Marcus and Kelvin, who were victims of social vices. The music, Gang, tells the story of resilience, pain and frustrations that every average young person faces in the society. He says, “Years of camaraderie suddenly disappear / Almost like you never were here / Unconditional love becomes very conditioned when push comes to shove / And all that talk of takin’ bullets suddenly feels foolish”.

Other songs on the ‘Jackman’ Album by the incredible Jack Harlow, are ‘Denver’, ‘No Enhancers’, ‘It Can’t Be’ ‘Blame On Me’ and ‘Questions’.

Generally speaking, Jack Harlow is a rising star in the realm of hip-hop and is known for his catchy punchlines, creative play around words, as well as his fascinating demeanor.

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