Amara Maduka aims for world record in self pleasure

A controversial actress, Amara Maduka, has revealed her intention to break a world record of pleasuring herself for a long time.

She told Saturday Beats, “The record I am interested in breaking is pleasuring myself for the longest time.”

The actress also stated that she was not a religious person. She said, “I have not been to church since 2008. I am not a religious person. I prefer walking my own path and finding my own answers. Sometimes, I wish I could teach people what I have learnt. I have read so many books on spirituality, and I have also listened to different teachers. This life is so beautiful and simple to navigate if one knows the right things, but many people are lost. However, I have to remind myself that people always have choices, just like I do. If they choose to be religious, that’s fine too. I am just minding my own business.”

Maduka, who once stated that she was not interested in getting married maintained that she had not changed her mind. She said, “I have not changed my mind. The more I see and read about people’s experiences in marriage, the more it reinforces my decision. I want to be husband and child-free. I would rather explore the world and build wealth, than stay in a man’s house, raising kids and probably raising him too. I prefer being the rich aunty that spoils all the children around me.”