AMVCA: Fans disagree on Ademoye’s win over, Johnson, Akindele

Fans have disagreed over the emergence of Nollywood actress, Bimbo Ademoye, as a winner in the ‘Best Actress in a Comedy/ TV Series” category of the just-concluded Africa Magic Viewers Choice Award.

Ademoye defeated Mercy Johnson, Funke Akindele and others to clinch the award in the category.

The actress was drawn into the category for her role in ‘Selina’. Akindele and Johnson were also nominated for their roles in ‘Battle on Buga Street’.

Social media users however expressed their feelings on the outcome of the nominations in the category.

While some maintained that Ademoye deserved the award, others specifically noted that Mercy Johnson who also got nominated in the category for her role in “Passport” was deprived of the prize.

A Twitter user, Safiyanu Jarumi, said, “It’s funny how AMVCA robbed Mercy Johnson of her win for Passport/Battle on Buka Street. Anyways, congratulations to the new best actress in a comedy movie. Mercy Johnson won 1st in 2013 for Dumebi. Then Funke has been winning since 2014-2022. Now Bimbo Ademoye, congratulations sha.”

Another user, Jola, wrote, “As much as I am happy Bimbo won the award, I’m a little bummed Mercy Johnson lost because she is too good. Too good. Especially in Buka Street, she was fantastic.”

Another tweep, Sammie, said, “Nominating Mercy Johnson twice in the same category for different movies was the first blow because obviously the votes were going to be divided. Passport was a comedy and was perfect for the comedy category but Battle on Buka street was not a comedy.”

Another user @Swanky_Hec wrote, “She is good and deserves something but in a comedy category where mercy johnson was nominated twice? yo that was a gift”

@Tayo_billz wrote, “When Bimbo Ademoye graced that award where Funke Akindele and Mercy Johnson was, no one said anything oo, but now y’all are crying.”

On his part, Kelvin Childs, wrote, “It’s called viewers choice awards ooo! Y’all should stop complaining, it’s a popularity contest, everything is by vote & not who actually deserves it, next time campaign & vote for your fave.

Lily Lee also wrote, “You’re the ones not understanding. The same fans voted for Bimbo to win best actress in a comedy against Mercy Johnson and Funke and yet somehow didn’t vote for her to win this one against Osas?”