Propel Sports Africa Set to Change the Face of Nigerian League

In its quest to give Nigerian fans the kind of football league they have been craving for, the Interim Management Committee (IMC) in partnership with GTI have signed a live streaming deal with Propel Sports Africa to boost the Nigeria Premier Football League (NPFL).

The deal which was signed on Tuesday at the corporate headquarters of GTI on Lagos Island, is expected to be powered by strategic partners to the NPFL, the GTI Asset Management and Trust Limited and Propel Sports Africa(PSA).

The live streaming is expected to commence via a dedicated Over The Top (OTT) platform- NPFL Live when the new season kicks off in August.

Speaking at the unveiling of the partnership, Propel Sports’ Basil Kabbani, said PSA and GTI will commence the live streaming of the games on a dedicated OTT platform, known as NPFL Live, to be viewed on mobile device and laptops.

He said that the project was enabled by the world’s most advanced AI technology, and that the NPFL would be the first league in Africa to deploy the technology.

“Pixellos, the world-leading provider of AI-automated sports video and data solutions, and ITV Africa are proud to announce a partnership with NPFL, GTI and Propel Sports Africa, revolutionising sports coverage in the country with a broad coverage of the league’s matches.

He expressed hope that over 100 million viewers across the globe will watch all the matches via the NPFL Live platform from their mobile devices and laptops, just as he said the NPFL will be the first league in Africa to deploy one of the world’s most advanced AI Technology to beam live matches across global audience.

He said Pixellos are involved in the project with ITV Africa to boost coverage of the NPFL matches.

PSA President, Ed Simmons, in his own submission said, “the initiative is a five-year plan and we are happy it is coming up now. This live streaming is the very first of its kind in the world because not even in the English Premier League and other top lagues across the globe can boast of it.”

Meanwhile, IMC Chairman, Gbenga Elegbeleye, has hail the committee’s partnership with GTI, stressing that the live streaming of matches would no doubt go a long way in boosting the Nigerian league.

“GTI offsets all the debts owed referees before the commencement of the league and pays referees a day before every game. With the signing of the live streaming deal, everybody will make money. The clubs and the players will make money.

“Our target is to ensure that the least paid player in the NPFL will earn N1 million, which will serve as an attraction to foreign players to the league. Before now our league attracts players from other African countries and this is something we hope to bring back to the NPFL,” Elegbeleye said.

Group Managing Director of GTI, Abubakar Lawal, expressed satisfaction that the gamble his company took on the league is worth the while, afterall.