Tersy Akpata speaks on acting in Wura

A budding actress, Theresa Akpata, better known as Tersy Akpata, has said that acting in the TV series, Wura, is her biggest career achievement so far.

In an interview with newsmen, she said, “My experience has been extremely fulfilling and fascinating. I am super grateful for the opportunity to be in this series. It is an English production with a rich Yoruba culture. I feel privileged as a new actor to feature in something this big. This is my biggest job so far. I am very grateful that I got a part in the series. It is a seven-star experience.”

Akpata added that there was a unique feeling that came with pursuing one’s passion. She said, “There is this unique feeling that comes with doing what one loves and has passion for. One just goes with the flow. Everything one does will bring the character to life. Nothing really matters more than bringing one’s A-game and giving one’s all.”