Daniella Okeke to someone’s son: you’re unwise to pick me over N100 million

Actress Daniella Okeke has addressed a male fan who confidently chose her over a whopping sum of N100,000,000.
Okeke sharing a photo with a lollipop in her mouth asked what fans would pick between her and N100 million.

“Me or 100M? Oya choose wisely,” she stated.

To her utter amazement, ‘someone’s son’ ignore the money and settled for her instead.

Though the terribly ‘loved stricken’ man wasn’t identified by Okeke, nonetheless she reiterated the need to consider hunger in such a situation.

She argued this ‘someone’s son’ was certainly unwise and would die of hunger as a result of his ‘unwise’ choice.

“Someone’s son picked me over 100M. Wow! Hunger is going to finish you. You are not wise, she wrote while captioning a sensual photo of herself.

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