Nigerians, smartest people on planet – Akon

Senegalese-American singer, Akon, has said Nigerians are arguably the smartest people on the planet.
On the Drink Champs podcast co-hosted by N.O.R.E and DJ EFN, Akon reiterated on the planet, there was no one smarter than a Nigerian.

Quite interestingly, one of the host’s, agreed wholly with the music executive’s assertion.

Akon, considered on the world’s most influential voice in contemporary music however, noted the West African country had a few bad eggs who instead channelled their ‘extremely smart’ minds to negative and unproductive ventures.

He capped up his point noting more billionaires were being made in Nigeria than anywhere in the world.

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“This could be debatable. But the Nigerians are the smartest people on the planet, I promise you”, said the “Locked Up” crooner.

One of the host intercepted concurring: “Yeah! I believe that!”

“There’s nobody smarter than a Nigerian. Now of course, there’s a few bad apples that came out”, Akon noted

Same host chipped in saying: “They’re smart too though.”

“No, they’re extremely smart”, Akon continued.

“They put their intelligence all in the wrong place. If they were to gear that towards something more positive and productive…. Uh!…..Because the ones that did?!

“There’s more billionaires made in Nigeria than anywhere else in the world.”

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