Celebs have popularised Nigerian fashion— Kenyan model, Duba

A Kenyan model and fashion influencer, Hassan Duba, has hailed Nigerian celebrities for popularising the country’s fashion industry.

She told Saturday Beats, “Nigerian celebrities, such as actors, musicians and influencers, have played a significant role in popularising Nigerian fashion globally. Their red carpet looks and everyday style have served as inspiration for many. Their bold fashion choices have also encouraged individuals to be more daring and expressive with their personal styles.”

On what differentiates African fashion from those of other continents, Duba said, “African fashion is known for its vibrant and diverse array of fabrics. From traditional prints, such as ankara, kente and kitenge, to modern interpretations; these fabrics showcase bold colours, intricate patterns and unique textures that make African fashion stand out.


Asked what fashion means to her, she said, “Fashion is a form of self-expression and creativity. It represents an opportunity to showcase one’s individuality, personality and style preferences through clothing, accessories and grooming choices. It also allows one to communicate one’s identity, beliefs and emotions to the world. Fashion can be empowering as it gives one the freedom to experiment with different looks, trends and aesthetics. It allows one to feel confident and express oneself authentically.”