Adesanya vows to knock out Strickland

UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya has responded to his next opponent, Sean Strickland, after his rival mocked him for wearing nail polish.

The Nigerian-born fighter has now vowed to “knock Strickland out with painted nails.”

Strickland has been firing shots at Adesanya in the build-up to their championship bout at UFC 293 in Sydney on September 10.

Speaking ahead of the fight, the American said Adesanya represented a guy who “f***ing paints his nails.”


And Adesanya, who is no stranger to colourful and flamboyant style, says he plans to do just that before putting Strickland to sleep.

“He’s an idiot,’ Adesanya told MMA Fighting during an appearance for

“I’m not going to lose to an idiot. He says he’s not going to lose to a guy that jerks off to cartoons or paints his nails. Well, I’m going to paint my nails for that fight and I’m going to knock him out with my painted nails.”

Adesanya went on to voice out what he felt about Strickland ahead of the fight.

“I don’t listen to people (telling me I should win), that’s (how). I only listen to me and my team and this guy, he’s already pissed me off with his energy. The way he comes across and the way he tries to antagonise me. I don’t like the way he conducts himself,” Adesanya said.

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