Demonstrators across the world demand Israel to stop attacks

Pro-Palestine demonstrations have taken place across the world to demand Israel stop its attacks on Gaza, which have killed more than 4,380 Palestinians.

In London, police estimated “up to 100,000” protesters marched through the city’s rain-soaked streets, waving Palestinian flags and chanting “stop bombing Gaza”.

Hundreds of pro-Palestinian protesters also gathered in Belfast and in Northern Ireland’s second city, Londonderry, where speakers included lawmaker Colum Eastwood.

Across the border in the Republic of Ireland, thousands marched through the capital, Dublin, calling for an end to Israel’s bombardment.

In France, pro-Palestinian demonstrators gathered in several cities including Rennes, Montpellier, Dijon, Marseille and Lyon, where thousands could be seen chanting “We all are Palestinians” in the central square.

German police said almost 7,000 people took part in a peaceful pro-Palestinian demonstration in Dusseldorf.

Several hundred marched through Rome, tens of thousands flooded the streets of downtown Barcelona, Toronto witnessed thousands in the city’s downtown area and in New York, hundreds of protesters from Muslim, Jewish and other groups marched to US Senator Kristen Gillibrand’s Manhattan office, many shouting “ceasefire now.” Thousands also marched through Los Angeles and Washington, DC.