‘Being a hyped, buzzy band can be a bit of a curse’

It’s a boiling Friday afternoon in July 2023, and The Last Dinner Party have gathered around a picnic table at the Latitude Festival, waiting for their stage transport.

“You have to get on a boat,” says singer Abigail Morris. “So whimsical, isn’t it?”

The journey is necessary because the band have been booked to play the tiny Sunrise Arena, which sits on the opposite side of a man-made lake from the festival’s dressing rooms.

But the five-piece draw such a big crowd that it spills out of the tent and into the surrounding forest, as fans clamour to hear their bombastic art-rock anthems.

“Christ, there are a lot of you,” gasps Abigail as she takes to the stage.

For the next 30 minutes, the band are on fire, playing with purpose and swagger while Abigail pirouettes around the stage, dressed like Wednesday Addams playing a character from Bridgerton.

During the darkly dramatic Mirror, she jumps into the audience, before realising there’s no way back to her bandmates.

“Misjudged the height of the stage,” she deadpans, after running around the back of the tent to reclaim her place.

The reception is immense, especially for a band who only released their first single in April.

People know all the words, even to unreleased songs. Some have come dressed in the floral crowns and billowing white tops the band wear in their videos.