British actress, Viscella Richards found dead in her Trinidad home

British actress, Viscella Richards, known professionally as Vikki Richards, was discovered dead at 79 with her hands bound in her Caribbean home in North Valsyn, Trinidad, on Wednesday, in what appears to be a robbery.

According to the Sun on Friday, the retired actress was found by a friend who became concerned when she couldn’t reach Richards since Tuesday evening.

Upon arriving at her home and finding the gate closed, the friend noticed the front door ajar and called out to Richards, eventually discovering her body while searching the house.

Local officials confirmed there were no other marks of violence on her body when she was found.

Vikki rose to fame for her role as a supporting actor in Black Snake, a 1973 British blaxploitation film. Her other film credits include The Love Factor in 1969 and the Onedin Line in 1971.

Viscella’s cousin revealed concerns for her safety due to her early-stage dementia, prompting plans for additional support. “Yes, we were concerned about her safety because we were getting things in place to get somebody to stay with her as her illness progressed,” the cousin said.

Paying tribute to Viscella, the cousin added: “We have lots of memories to talk about, but too much to mention.”

“She was a very friendly person, very outgoing and outspoken.”

Investigations into her death are ongoing, with the area cordoned off for further examination.


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