EPL: Arsenal legend warns Bukayo Saka’s career could be jeopardized without better referee protection

Bob Wilson, a revered figure in Arsenal’s history has sounded the alarm over the treatment of star player, Bukayo Saka, cautioning that the young talent risks being forced out of the game if not provided better protection by referees.

Arsenal had previously lodged a complaint with Professional Game Match Officials Limited (PGMOL) in January, expressing concerns over Saka’s lack of safeguarding on the pitch.

Despite statistics showing Saka as the third-most fouled player in 2023, trailing behind Crystal Palace’s Jordan Ayew, Wilson insists that the frequency and severity of fouls against Saka are alarming.

With Arsenal set to face Manchester City in a crucial title showdown this weekend, Wilson reiterated his worries, emphasizing the need for referees to recognize and address the dangers faced by Saka.

He pointed out the constant presence of multiple opposition players closely marking Saka, often resorting to fouling him when unable to contain his skill.

“What drives me demented is we have one of the best young players and, if we are not careful, football will lose him by the time he is 24 or 25 because Bukayo Saka will have been kicked out of the game,” Wilson told The Telegraph.

“Referees don’t seem to see or understand it. There are always a minimum of two players within five yards of Saka and often a third. If they can’t stop him, they kick him.

“People say, ‘What do you mean? That is too dramatic’ – I say there has not been a more kicked player in the Premier League than Bukayo Saka.”

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