Nollywood stars, Habibat Jinad, Wumi Toriola reconcile after five years feud

Nollywood actress, Habibat Jinad, has accepted an apology from her colleague, Wumi Toriola, marking the end of their five-year feud.

Earlier, Wumi, sharing a photo of her, had publicly expressed remorse to Habibat, expressing regret for their prolonged feud.

Wumi admitted to frequently checking Habibat’s Instagram to see updates about her newborn, Okikiola.

Reacting, Habibat revealed she noticed Wunmi’s recent follow on Instagram and couldn’t withhold not following her back.

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Expressing gratitude, Habibat mentioned praying for peace and harmony, especially as she approached her 40th birthday, and was grateful that her prayers had been answered.


She wrote, “Let me quickly drop this here, #wumitoriola and I have not been talking for the past five years. If you ask us what happened, we don’t know.

“To cut the long story short, I saw her following me today on Instagram, and I was surprised. I had to follow back and send her a DM, and she responded.

“Although I’ve prayed to Almighty God that I want to celebrate my 40th birthday in peace with everyone, and God answers prayers.

“We are not getting younger anymore. We all need peace, love, and unity within us all. Much love, #wumitoriola”.


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